• Instead of filling in forms, the project participants record pallet exchanges electronically. Photo: GS1Photo: GS1


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Pallet exchange more efficient with blockchain

Under the GS1 Germany umbrella, 36 participants from trade, industry, logistics, science, start-ups and associations have developed a blockchain-based solution for the open pallet exchange process.


A practical test in real day-to-day business was carried out in October, and the results are now available. The main question was: can the technology be used to digitalise pallet exchanges and cut out all the paperwork?


Christian Grotowsky, MD of Lekkerland information systems, said: “Yes. Blockchain technology can be used to digitalise a pallet certificate and display it as an app. This increases the efficiency of the exchange process in several places.


Regina Haas-Hamannt, head of innovation at GS1 Germany, concluded: "The project created a true partner network that has even brought competitors closer to each other. Some project participants, together with GS1 Germany, will continue the initiative in 2019, and examine and test other topics connected to blockchain technology." (mw)




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