• Photo: Panattoni

15.05.2024 By: Mantra Kumar

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Panattoni adds to Polish portfolio

Following recent expansions to Krakow and Sulechow, the real estate developer is once again active in Poland with the handing over of new space at its Gdansk site. Panattoni has developed 700,000 sqm of industrial space in Pomerania as part of its Tricity project.


10,700 sqm of the newly completed area have now been handed over to Alfa Warehouses, a logistics company. Based at the site, the company will benefit from proximity to the local port as well as access to road and rail transport routes. Alfa’s team also has its own customs agency with an AEO certificate, enhancing its customs capabilities.


Panattoni previously expanded to Krakow-Balice airport and the town of Sulechow (see ITJ Daily, 17 April 2024 and ITJ Daily 25 April 2024 respectively). With the new development, the Gdansk site has increased to 44,000 sqm. (mk)




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