• From left to right: Karim Jabbar (CTO, Bloc), Märtha Rehnberg (Bloc co-founder), Jasper van't Veen (research assistant, Bloc), Deanna MacDonald (CEO, Bloc), Maurizio Pilu (VP, digital innovation, Lloyd’s Register), Søren Stig (Bloc co-founder), Gary Pogson (lead technical specialist, Lloyd's Register marine & offshore)


Artikel Nummer: 22597

Partners funding blockchain trials

Lloyd’s Register Foundation (the Foundation) and Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration (Bloc) are partnering to set up Maritime Blockchain Labs (MBL), which will explore the use of blockchain for the assurance and safety of critical infrastructure and drive new business models for the global maritime industry.


The Foundation is the lead funder of the initiative. Over the next 18 months, the collaboration will provide resources for Maritime Blockchain Labs to pursue three demonstrator projects. Deanna MacDonald, Bloc CEO, said: “We are delighted to have the backing and support of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation. It shares with us the belief in the importance of Bloc’s mission: to apply blockchain to real-world problems, with the aim of building secure and accessible global digital infrastructure for the maritime world." (kd)




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