• Brian Bourke, VP marketing. Photo: Seko Logistics


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Partnership between Seko and Ship Station

Seko Logistics is partnering with Ship Station, a web-based e-commerce shipping solution, to increase its e-commerce merchants’ ability to grow in new cross-border markets.


Merchants can now connect to Seko Logistics via Ship Station and see reduced transit times and lower costs to international markets for faster expansion and reduced cart abandonment rates.


Moreover, an easy and monetised returns solution with international in-country return capabilities and unified tracking regardless of the final mile postal carrier is now available.


Brian Bourke, Seko's VP of marketing, said: “We’re excited by the opportunity to partner with Ship Station and combine our respective strengths to open up new markets for dynamic and ambitious merchants, especially those exporting from our major markets in the USA, the UK and Australia." (mw)




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