• (f.l.t.r.): Leonard Aerts, Chief Customer Officer DHL and Edwin van der Ham, Owner and CEO of Monta (Photo: DHL).


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Partnership for SME's webshops and fulfilment

DHL Supply Chain has now got the bigger piece of the cake. The affiliate of Deutsche Post DHL Group has announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Dutch e-commerce specialist Monta. The business model is a partnership to serve small and mid-sized webshops in e-fulfilment and online sales.


Founded in 1999, Monta has rapidly become one a major provider of e-commerce and e-fulfilment services in the Netherlands. With a current workforce of 1,000 people and 14 fulfilment locations, the company handles 12 million e-commerce orders and generated an annual revenue of more than EUR 100 million in 2021.


Monta currently services ca. 1,500 small and mid-sized fast-growing online shops and e-sellers through a wide range of software-enabled fulfilment services and warehouse management software. This deal is currently subject to review by the antitrust authorities. (sh)




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