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Port of Brussels won in 2020

Despite the Covid-19 crisis, the Port of Brussels recorded a resilient performance with slightly higher volumes than in 2019. Nearly 5 million t of goods were imported into the Belgian capital, while transit traffic increased by 20%, reaching 1.7 million t.


More than 6.6 million t thus passed through the Port of Brussels in 2020. Pallet throughput saw an uptick of 33%. By promoting the transport of materials by boat and opting for a circular economy, the port was able to reduce its emissions by 7% compared to the previous year - and by 27% since 2014.


2020 also saw the beginning of major works. A new 240 m quay wall is being built for a private company on the right river bank, which will enable to increase river traffic upon its completion in 2021. Numerous investments were made in the maintenance of infrastructure, like the Pont des Hospices or the locks. And 37,000 cbm were dredged to optimise navigation. (cd)




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