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Port of Rotterdam puts IoT platform into operation

The first section of a new Internet of Things (IoT) platform, which has been developed for the Port of Rotterdam Authority, recently went into service.


The system uses an extensive network of sensors to provide accurate and up-to-date water (hydro) and weather (meteo) data particularly for the planning and management of shipping.


The construction of the IoT platform was announced a year ago by the collaborating partners IBM, Cisco, Esri and Axians, and has now been delivered under the Port Authority’s direction. Ronald Paul, the port’s COO, has welcomed system’s initial roll-out.


The sensors incorporated on and in quay walls, dolphins, waterways, roads and traffic signs generate continued measurement data and these can communicate with other autonomous systems.


Today, the platform processes approximately 1.2 million data points per day for models, systems and users. (kd)




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