• Timocom is optimistic that freight volumes will remain high. Photo: Timocom


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Q3 freight volumes higher than average

The Timocom transport barometer revealed that freight volumes continued to exceed the amount of available loading space in Q3/2017. The freight – vehicle ratio averaged out at 71:29 for the last quarter, and volumes grew continually in July, August and September.


Germany’s statistics office Destatis reported that the country’s exports were 8% higher in July alone, compared to the same month in 2016. The two indicators point to an increasingly stronger and expanding economy that stands to benefit the transport industry. Consequently, more and more truck capacities are required, but these are currently in short supply.


Timocom’s company spokesman, Gunnar Gburek, has high hopes for Q4/2017: "The high freight volume is an advantage for transport service providers. They have greater elbow room to achieve adequate prices. Everything seems to pointing to strong economic growth, but the amount of work that that ensures still has to be mastered, or else the tempo will slow down." (mw)




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