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RCG seals the deal with Caterpillar

RCG has added Caterpillar to its customer base. The contract was awarded to Rail Cargo Logistics-RUS. Ten 41 t CAT articulated trucks (model 745) made their way across Europe to Kazakhstan in a pilot project.


The CAT loader model 432F has been delivered to Kazakhstan from the UK, and Caterpillar’s 100 t 777F off-highway trucks are also in play. These giant machines are being shipped in disassembled form over the Atlantic from manufacturing plants in the USA and Mexico to Estonia, where RCL-RU loads the machine parts on to broad gauge wagons before taking them on a 4,000 km journey to Kazakhstan.


Plans to expand the collaboration with the Caterpillar assembly plant in Tosno (Russia) are already underway. (ben)




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