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05.07.2024 By: Mantra Kumar

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Reaching milestones with AI

Raft, an AI-based logistics platform, has hit two milestones in terms of its document and invoice processing. The company has now surpassed 5 billion data points and labelled logistics documents, all of which must be verified by human experts. The value of the freight invoices it processes has reached USD 10 billion.


These developments speak for a growth in demand for smart logistics technology. Using Raft’s solution, customers can configure shipments, flows, processes, events, and tasks and then interact with different systems of record, such as TMS, CRM, and ERP.


Raft aims to support logistics providers in transforming their operations from analog methods to digital and AI-based solutions. Its platform is used by more than 50 customers from the logistics industry and enables users to manage over 5 million shipments annually. (mk)




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