• The ship spares in Malta. Photo: WEL


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Record project for WEL

The Maltese freight forwarder WEL recently delivered spare parts to a vessel in record time. The "Nicola", a cargo ship operating in the Med, docked at Malta Freeport to load/discharge containers in a 20 hour time frame. However, the vessel also required urgent assistance before it could continue its operations.


The requisite spare parts were ordered and shipped on board a Lufthansa aircraft which landed at Malta international airport at 12.30. A truck, organized by WEL, was waiting for the shipment’s arrival at the cargo terminal, and once released, the parts were hauled to Malta Freeport.


At the port, WEL liaised with the ship’s captain to use his vessel’s crane to lift the heavy boxes from the dockside onto the deck. The delivery was completed by 15.00. WEL managed to clear the cargo from the cargo terminal, drive it to the port, complete the port security procedures and put it on board the “Nicola” in a record 2.5 hours. (mw)




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