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Resilinc appoints first chief AI officer

Resilinc, a provider of supply chain resiliency solutions, has appointed the company’s co-founder and current chief product officer (CPO), Sumit Vakil, as chief artificial intelligence officer (CAIO).


In this integral role, Vakil will oversee the innovation and integration of AI into all business operations, both internal and external, to drive efficiency and enhance value creation.


"I'm thrilled to take on this new role. With 14 years of high-quality, supplier-validated data at our fingertips coupled with the vast global customer and supplier network we’ve created, we have the capability to build highly accurate, innovative AI systems no one else can,” said Vakil. “I’m eager to apply the latest in AI large language models (LLMs) and neural networks to solve the difficult real-world supply chain problems that so far no one has attempted to solve.” (cj)




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