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Revitalising industrial real estate in Hanau

In a joint venture, Garbe Industrial Real Estate and Bremer Projektentwicklung have acquired a 35,000 sqm plot of real estate in Hanau (Germany). The dismantling and demolition of the existing facilities is expected to start in Q1/2019.


After revitalisation, the partners plan to erect a 20,000 sqm large multi-user building in the technology park. Further projects include the setting up of offices with mezzanine floors and social areas.


"The planned multi-user-building is suitable for regional and national companies from many sectors of the economy, such as trade, industry, logistics, and manufacturing. It also offers local companies opportunities for expansion and growth," says Jan Dietrich Hempel, board director of Garbe Industrial Real Estate. The new facility is scheduled to be completed by spring 2020. (mw)




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