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RIO digitalises Volkswagen Group Logistics

Volkswagen Group Logistics is managing a constantly increasing flow of materials and goods together with 13 Group brands and requires an efficient and future-proof IT solution to meet this challenge. Traton subsidiary RIO will create the basis for these digital services.


The brand has been developing a cloud-based logistics platform since 2016 to support all parties of the delivery chain in digitalising their business. RIO is manufacturer-independent and can therefore be used in all truck brands. RIO is now to develop tailor-made services for Volkswagen Group Logistics, which will make the supply of parts at sites of the Volkswagen Group (inbound logistics) and the delivery of fully assembled vehicles (outbound logistics) more efficient.


This includes tracking consignments as well as integrating different systems to collect and use data efficiently – for example, for supply management, freight billing and container control. RIO and Volkswagen Group Logistics are also planning a lasting corporate partnership that goes beyond the technical cooperation. (mw)




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