• Roman Mayer. Photo: ITJ archives


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Roman Mayer nominated Propeller Club president

Thomas W. Rickli has presided over the Propeller Club Basel (PCB/Switzerland) for nine years and wants to hand over the post at the club’s next general assembly. At PCB’s New Year’s gathering, he said it was time to make room for the younger generation.


Rickli has nominated Roman Mayer, CEO of the terminal operator Swissterminal, as PCB’s next president. Mayer is already on the association’s board and bears responsibility for the terminals division. As future PCB president, he wants to continue Rickli's work as well as chart his own course.


Mayer explained to the ITJ that: "The distribution of tasks on the PCB board is certainly an issue, and I want to further improve the club’s external impact."


Should Mayer be elected president at the end of March, he will outdo his father Alex Mayer. Although the latter was one of PCB’s co-founders and board member, he never held office as president. (mw)




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