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Russian Railways plans to speed up cargo trains

Russian Railways (RZD) plans to raise the speed of cargo trains on the trans-Siberian mainline and on four sections of the Baikal-Amur mainline (BAM) in the East-Siberian Railway's area, according to the RZD information agency. After track reconstruction, the speed of cargo trains will increase from 60 to 70 kph on the Chyornaya – Sredneilimskaya, the Galachinsky – Padunskie Porogi, and the Toreya – Ognevka sections of the BAM, and from 80 to 90 kph on the Shuba – Tulyushka section (the Transsib) and Parchum – Raz’ezd number 9 section of the BAM, the report stated. The East-Siberian Railway is going to raise the percentage of continuous welded rails to 41% of the length of the main tracks. (ben)



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