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26.10.2018 By: Jutta Iten

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Sailing to a smart port

In mid-October the port of Marseille Fos, together with Lyon as its important hinterland gateway, introduced its latest Ci5 technology, a cargo community system (CCS). The port has thus taken another step towards comprehensive digitalisation.


Since 16 October the Marseille Fos port community and the inland gateway in Lyon have been connected to the latest information technology by the installation of Ci5, a next-generation cargo community system (CCS) developed by MGI. The managers involved said that this will bring the French port yet another step closer to becoming a so-called smart port when it comes to the management of its goods flows.


This means that the import, export and transhipment of all goods on vessels calling at Marseille Fos can be managed through Ci5 in future. MGI has trained more than 1,200 professionals in Marseille Fos and Le Havre since it started rolling the project out on 3 September, with users now able to access Ci5.



By users for users

Ci5 is based on open-source technology and operates in a service-oriented architecture.


This will make the system easy to upgrade as and when it is necessary, so that it can integrate new innovations, including big data, as well as IoT, smart containers, blockchain and artificial intelligence systems, amongst other things.


Jaap van den Hoogen, the president of MGI’s executive board, underlined the fact that “together with our partners, we deve­loped Ci5 in less than three years. It was made for users and by users, thus making it particularly suitable for the staff’s everyday port operations.”


The modules allow users to work on all port transit subjects, including vessels, cargo, customs and other authorities, terminal and warehousing services, and the monitoring of goods in real time through the system’s tracking and tracing options.


MGI pointed out that the new techno­logy is equipped with a fast search engine, supplying rapid access to text data such as user credentials. These features save considerable time, speed up the transit movement of goods and improve the port community’s ability to compete.


Cooperation the key

Jean-Philippe Salducci, the president of the Marseille Fos maritime and river fede­ration UMF, a shareholder in MGI, is pleased too. Cooperation between the port community and Ci5 and MGI to deve­lop this tool was key, he added. Ci5 already won a golden award for IT at a conference of the International Associ­ation of Ports and Harbours (IAPH) in Bali in 2017 (see also ITJ Daily of 17 May 2017). MGI is currently developing further modules, covering activities in the fields of bulk management, consolidated cargo and port dues. These modules will be available in 2019.


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