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SBB Cargo: Franz Steiger takes the helm

SBB's chief financial officer Franz Steiger took over as chairman of the board of directors of SBB Cargo on 27 April 2022. He joined the board a year ago. Steiger succeeds Eric Grob, who retains his seat on the board.


SBB Cargo’s task is to square economic viability with political demands for a modal shift in domestic traffic: wagonload traffic is operating at a loss and therefore does not meet the requirements for economic viability; it however contributes to the modal shift and, through its energy efficiency, to reaching the climate targets.


At the end of March 2022, the Swiss federal council adopted reform proposals for wagonload traffic; the Swiss federal department for the environment, transport, energy and communications (Detec) will prepare a consultation draft with two main objectives by autumn 2022. (chi)




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