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Scrapping premium only with turn-off assistant

Effective immediately, Germany is offering a bonus of EUR 15,000 for companies wishing to replace their old vehicles by new trucks with clean engines. For purchasers to receive the scrapping premium, the new trucks must comply with the Euro VI emission standard. The installation of a turn-off assistant is also compulsory, the Germany federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure (BMVI) said.


The ministry will also offer a grant of up to EUR 5,000 for the acquisition of intelligent trailer technology (technologies to measure tyre pressure or digital devices to manoeuvre semi trailers, trailers or aerodynamic superstructures, for example).


With the scrapping premium, the BMVI aims to achieve a substantial reduction of the CO2 emissions attributed to utility vehicles. Trucks are responsible for around 25% of CO2 emissions in road traffic. (ben)




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