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Seaintel confirms rise of schedule reliability

Global schedule reliability continues to rise steadily. Analysts at Seaintel in Copenhagen stated that on-time performance reached a global score of 84.6% in December 2015. This was a slight decrease of 0.6% compared to November, but 13.3% better than in December 2014.


The figure for December 2015 set a new record, and biggest difference between 2014 and 2015. Schedule reliability in December 2015 was based on 12,413 vessel arrivals.


The global top 20 carrier ranking shows that Wan Hai retained first place with a 91% on-time performance, followed by MOL, Maersk Line and Hamburg Süd at 90.1%, 89% and 87.7%, respectively. MSC and Maersk Line recorded the largest increases of 3.7 and 1.8 percentage points, improving from 81.9% and 87.2% in November to 85.6% and 89% respectively in December 2015.


CMA CGM, Zim and NYK were at the other end of the scale with an on-time performance of 84.1%, 84.2% and 85.2% respectively.




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