• Zaugg Emballeur runs packaging centres in Switzerland and China.

21.07.2020 By: Marco Wölfli

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Securely packed, off to India

Cargo that needs special protection is provided with suitable packaging by the company Zaugg Emballeur. In spring it prepared a machine 8 m long for a demanding transport to India. Zaugg made sure that it took the customer’s requirements into account.


The Swiss firm Zaugg Emballeur offers its clients large and small packaging solutions. An order the company was given to carry out this spring undoubtedly at belonged in the first category. The shipment measured 8.35 m long, and was 4.15 m wide as well as 4.34 m high – which meant the company’s packaging skills were definitely put to a good test.



Making do without steel

It’s true that overall, the consignment ‘only’ weighed 32 t, which didn’t exactly make it a heavyweight, but the designers also had to take the unit’s small machine base into account. They deployed stronger-than-usual squared timber beams on the long side of the consignment.


“In accordance with our client’s wishes we didn’t use any steel to fortify this box; we accepted, though, that this made it a little higher,” as the family enterprise’s managing director Michael Zaugg explained. Once the company had completed its job, the unit was dispatched to India.


Zaugg’s packaging passed all the tests it faced en route, so that the machine reached its final customer completely intact. Zaugg Emballeur doesn’t only offer its packaging services from its two centres in Switzerland – it also runs a facili­ty in Changzhou (China).       


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