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Securing Sri Lanka's air exports

Emirates Skycargo transported 27,000 t of cargo from Sri Lanka in 2017-2018, 23% of the 118,000 t of goods the island exported by air in the year. With 28 flights from and to Colombo per week, and the capacity to carry approximately 20 t of cargo in the belly hold of each B777, Emirates Skycargo is one of the main carriers of Sri Lanka’s trade commodities.


Perishables like edible fish, fruit, vegetables, flowers and other cut foliage account for an important amount of Sri Lankan exports. To ensure these commodities remain fresh, Emirates offers specialised air transport solutions under the "Emirates Fresh" umbrella, backed by the carrier's fleet of over 270 aircraft, processes, experienced staff and state-of-the-art cool chain facilities at its Dubai hub. (ah)


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