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Seebauer to Chiemsee

Petra Seebauer assumed the position of managing director of the 'Prien Logistics Competence Centre', located on the banks of Chiemsee in Bavaria (Germany) on 1 July. She'll lead the centre in partnership with Karl Fischer, who is leaving the company on 30 June 2022.


Seebauer has a doctorate in logistics and a degree in business administration. In the coming year, she will focus on new projects in the pipeline and the symposium 'Logistik Innovativ', which is taking place in May 2022. She will also head the human resources, organisation, marketing and public relations departments.


Seebauer looks back on twenty years of publishing and event experience in the Huss Group. The joint management will ensure a seamless handover of the numerous ongoing projects and the administration of the premises. (amh)




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