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Seychelles: a hub for sea-air transhipments

Mahe Shipping Company, a freight forwarder headquartered in the Seychelles, in cooperation with Mauritius-based Freight and Transit Company Limited (FTL) and Air Seychelles Cargo, has for the first time ever handled an exceedingly large cargo transhipment from sea to air freight.


Delivered to the airline in a 40ft container, as required by the supplier, over 4 t of fabrics arriving by sea from Madagascar, were transhipped by Mahe Shipping for onward dispatch by air via Doha to Houston.


For the partners, the project has proven that the Seychelles can be used as a transit point to connect goods produced in the Indian Ocean through a combination of using sea and air freight, to destinations where borders are restricted due to Covid-19 or where sea and air freight connections are unfavourable. (ah)




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