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Sievert sharpens profile abroad

The German company, Sievert Handel Transporte (SHT), is stepping up its international transport business. After registering an 11% increase in 2016, the logistics specialist now expects to generate 15% of its entire turnover in the business field this year.


One of the reasons for this vigorous growth is the low amount of unplanned HGV downtime in the cross-border transport sector. This ensures that truck capacity is better exploited and ultimately results in a higher daily turnover.


SHT said that it achieved the highest growth rate in monitored cross-border disposal services. Among other activities, the company disposes of filter dust from larger power plants in Paris, Strasbourg and Milan.


In addition, SHT regularly serves destinations in Spain, Slovenia, Poland, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia. The logistics specialist has a particularly high profile in Italy. (mw)




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