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Slower growth in Spanish ports

Cargo traffic at Spain’s 28 state port authorities grew by 1.2% to 452.7 million t between January and November 2016. The data published by Puertos del Estado shows a steadily decreasing growth rate of 5.4% in Q1, 3.5% in Q2, and 1.9% in Q3/2016. In October and November, this rate fell to 1.2%.


There were decreases in both liquid bulk (-0.8%) and solids (-4.1%) which contrasted with the upsurge in general cargo (+5%), containerized cargo (+ 5.8%) and ro-ro traffic (+ 6.4%).


In the first eleven months of 2016, foreign trade (imports + exports) fell by 0.9% to 254 million t (excluding container and ro-ro cargo). Imports, which accounted for 67.3% of foreign trade, dropped by 2.4% to 171 million t, and exports, accounting for the remaining 32.7%, grew by 2.6% to 83 million t.


The main Spanish ports, Algeciras, Valencia and Barcelona moved 198 million t of goods, 43.6% of the total cargo volume. (kd)




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