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20.11.2013 By: Robert Altermatt

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Specialisation results in growth

Standard Logistic, a Serbian enterprise based in Belgrade, specialises particularly on rail transport for petrol and petrochemical products. The firm’s main markets are the former Yugoslavian states, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania and Greece.The ITJ interviewed Milen Djokic, Standard Logistic’s director general.

What are the most important milestones in Standard Logistic’s ­history?

Our company’s most important step forward took place in 2008, when we took the decision to concentrate intensively on rail-bound logistics activities for the petrol and petrochemical industries. The step included the formation of a railway tank-wagon pool, which enables us to deploy a single wagon for many different clients and relieves us from the need to lease railcars for prolonged periods of time.

Our experienced team uses modern software solutions to allocate rail tank wagons to our many clients. This results in lower costs and just-on-time delivery of the goods.


What is the latest news from your firm?

We were issued with a safety certificate for rail transport last summer, and at the same time the Serbian authorities agreed to grant us a private railway operator’s licence. We have two locomotives at our disposal, but according to the Serbian regulations they can only be used for shunting purposes.

However, with this traction and more than 400 wagons for petrol products we, as one of the local market leaders, are well equipped for the haulage of oil products. In 2014 we’re planning to start a long-term collaboration with an international partner, as well as invest in new freight wagons and locomotives.


What services does Standard Logistic offer its clients?

We provide comprehensive logistics services for sellers and buyers, lease railway wagons and other transport vehicles, organise transhipment traffic and carry out transport services with blocktrains. On top of that, we handle customs formalities; we check transport documents and offer insurance services. Last but not least, we supply our customers with information about the exact location and delivery status of their shipments on a day-to-day basis.


Who are Standard Logistic’s most important clients?

Our major clients are mainly players who are active in the petrochemical industry. This includes producers, buyers, dealers from Southeast and Eastern Europe, as well as major terminal operators, transhipment companies and other transporters and forwarders throughout the whole of Europe. Our list of renowned customers encompasses corporations such as Gazprom Neft, Lukoil, Hellenic Petroleum and OMV, amongst many others.


Finally, what are your company’s plans for growth?

Our plans include expanding to other European countries. In an initial phase we’ll add options to and from Central European countries, and will later add services to and from Western Europe. Our main focus, however, will remain on successfully expanding our existing business activities. To this end we’ll expand our rail wagon and locomotive rolling stock. We’ve already commenced negotiations to this end with our bank as well as with other investors. We assume that we’ll require an overall investment volume of approximately EUR 5 million.





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