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Strategic move to open new office

The Frankfurt (Germany)-based logistics company Thermologistic continues to expand. To this end, it has opened a representative office in Straelen-Herongen on the Lower Rhine. The location was chosen primarily for strategic reasons, since Straelen is close to the Dutch frontier and therefore one of the most important transhipment points for vegetables and flowers in Europe.


At the same time, Straelen-Herongen is the only place in Germany for the auctioning of flowers and decorative plants. By moving closer to key importers and exporters of these products, Thermologistic hopes to improve its position in the market for temperature-controlled transport services. From here, the company can quickly respond to the demands and changes in the market.


Thermologistic has chosen two freight specialists to head the new office. “With our new presence in so important a market we expect to increase our company’s total turnover by 25% in the long term,” CEO Bernd Schmied says. (mw)




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