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Study confirms key role of Zurich Airport

Every five years, Flughafen Zürich commissions an external survey of key economic indicators to assess the performance of Zurich Airport.


The latest study conducted by Infras confirms the airport’s significant economic importance. Adjusted for the Covid 19 effect, the airport generates a value added of CHF 7 billion and creates jobs for 27,400 employees in over 300 companies.


With 40% of exports by value (CHF 130 billion per year), air freight continues to play a major role in the Swiss economy. On average, 1,076 t of freight are handled daily at Zurich Airport, including transit goods traffic.


The study also underlines the importance of a comprehensive network of long-haul connections: 99% of the cargo at Zurich Airport is transported in the belly of passenger aircraft. Of this, 82% goes to America and Asia. (cj)




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