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Tancarville at Le Havre makes a leap forward

The first stage of the modernisation of the Tancarville locks close to the port of Le Havre (France), which is part of Haropa, has been completed. By improving its ability to ease the flow of goods into the hinterland, the port aims to enhance the use of the inland waterways.


A key project, the Tancarville Locks modernisation and reliability programme was initiated in 2016 and will continue until 2022. The second phase of the project aims to make the operation of the new lock more reliable by modernising the two current doors and by limiting the duration of interruption of the operation of the lock.


Eiffage Metal was selected for the construction of the new door. The door was transported from the quay of the autonomous port of Strasbourg, near the company’s workshops based in Lauterbourg in Alsace, by river via the Rhine, then by the Channel after transhipment via Rotterdam. (fd)




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