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The challenge of feeding football fans

In the USA, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Super Bowl are some of the biggest events for consumers and for the logistics industry. More specifically, feeding the football fans is a big challenge, Compass Logistics, a road, intermodal, and specialised service provider headquartered in Chicago, commented recently.


More than 12 billion chicken wings, 50 million cases of beer, 12,700 t of chips, and 54 million avocados from Mexico - of which 20% of annual sales take place in early February - will be consumed on the day of the Super Bowl, which equals over 30,000 truckloads.


Another critical aspect of Super Bowl food coordination is timely deliveries since fans tend to do their shopping for the second Sunday of February one or two days before. This means that logistics companies have a small window of time to supply the goods. (ah)


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