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The long journey of the "Chipolbrok Atlantic"

Recently, the, M/V “Chipolbrok Atlantic” arrived on its 14th voyage in the port of Bilbao (Spain), carrying a load of 84 wind blades. 60 units were stowed on deck whilst another 24 pieces had been loaded under deck.


Upon completion of the operations, the vessel proceeded to Antwerp (Belgium) and Hamburg (Germany) for collecting quantities of break bulk and project cargo destined for Aden (Yemen) and Mumbai (India).


Amongst the puzzle of cases, crates and unpacked pieces, a 157 m switch and control unit in transit from Sweden had also been handled and loaded in Hamburg destined for Mumbai.


The last port of call in Europe was Livorno (Italy), where the vessel took on deck two huge gas tanks to be carried to Nantong (China). Further ports of call during this voyage will be HoChiMinh City (Vietnam), and destinations in China - Xiamen, Nantong as inland port on the Yangtze River, Lianyungang, Shanghai, Penglai, Dalian - and Busan (South Korea), where the trip ends. (kd)


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