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30.05.2023 By: Christian Doepgen

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“The most personal forwarder”

How does an SME hold its own in competition with big companies in the market? Medium-sized enterprises are said to be closer to their customers. Tisa Spedition‘s turnover increased in financial 2022, the number of its employees rose to 120 and its customer portfolio expanded, also into Spain and Portugal. The group put success down to its concept of “very personal customer services.” Christian Doepgen spoke to CEO Dr Michaela Adami-Schrott.

Looking back first, Ms Adami-Schrott – how was business in 2022?

Last year, the Tisa Group’s turnover increased by almost 20% to CHF 57 million. The number of employees rose to 120 and the customer portfolio grew too.

How did you compensate for higher fuel prices and capacity constraints?

In fact, these factors, along with lower exports from Switzerland at the beginning of 2023, significantly increased pressure on our margins.

That’s why the executive management team at the Tisa Group has decided to cover approximately 50% of our overall fleet requirements with our own trucks. Our drivers are one of our key calling cards, after all.

On top of this we continue to work with our long-standing international forwarding partners and fixed freight forwarders – some of whom are on the road with the Tisa logo on their tarpaulins.

What new options does Tisa have on offer?

In Q1 / 2023 we launched new services to Spain and Portugal from Switzerland, and vice-versa. We’re pleased to offer good price-performance ratios and transit times by cooperating with Lusocargo.

What about your services linking up the rest of Europe?

It’s our credo to develop tailor-made concepts for individual needs. For less complex forwarding requirements, Tisa is a part of three powerful transport alliances and thus covers all of Europe. Apart from transport solutions, customs is one of the fields in which we score highly.

What’s your customs expertise?

Our group is AEO-certified in Switzerland. In 2022 we started to introduce an overarching system for all customs clearance systems – German, Swiss and Austrian – with our partner Dakosy, an IT services provider for the transport and logistics industry. In addition, we’re committed to working as digitally and sustainably as possible. We’re aiming to operate paperless offices.

Which client structure best suits Tisa?

Since we transport everything from parcels and groupage to FTL and LTL, SMEs are a particularly good fit for us. Our project and trade fair department is currently experiencing particularly strong growth. In this ‘white-glove business’ our strengths come into their own and are appreciated!

What approach do you follow?

Every customer has a personal contact person, that is to say they’re looked after, not passed on. Customers require good forwarding advice – especially when things get tricky! – which has become rare these days. Finally, you have to take time to listen to your customers.

Do you manage to attract the workers you need in the market?

Well, that’s really quite a challenge, as it is for most of the players in our industry. We have six apprentices in training this year, or 5% of our workforce. This is a quota not many firms in eastern Switzerland and Vorarlberg can lay claim to.

Through our ‘Tribute to Talent’ programme we encourage and develop motivated and able people in the company. A working atmosphere in which people really count is very important at Tisa. Tisa’s first-ever employee is still with the company today – after 33 years!

What’s your motto?

To operate ‘the most personal forwarding firm.’ That’s more than a slogan, it’s a daily promise to ourselves.


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