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The port's new clothes: a brand refresh for LHG

The Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft (LHG) will be ninety years old next year, and it has now been given a new look. The three elements of the new logo reflect the trimodality of the port facilities.


In the centre is the bundling point, which is framed by the pointing arrows. They stand for a ship as well as for hands that carefully guard the goods of partners and customers. The current corporate colours of the LHG are not a reinvention, but rather a dynamic further development of the previous look.


The colour "Port Orange", for example, deliberately picks up on LHG’s familiar orange livery and gives it a little more depth. Orange is the colour of the work clothes outside at the terminals - and thus an immensely important part of the port operator’s identity. "Baltic Blue", the deep blue of the sea, represents port’s bond with the water. (cj)




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