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27.05.2024 By: Patricia Büeler

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Thordon Bearings to retrofit Panama tugs

Thordon Bearings has secured a contract to retrofit the tailshaft bearings of 32 tugs, pilot vessels, and workboats in Panama with water-lubricated polymer bearings. This follows the successful conversion of twelve twin-screw tugs last year.


The upgrades will be carried out in batches over the next four years during scheduled maintenance intervals. Thordon will supply 62 bearings for the first batch, along with Thorplas-Blue bearings for tiller arms and jockey bars, and SXL rudder bearings, all of which operate without grease.


Thordon's bearings are chosen for their environmental benefits and durability, aligning with the operator's zero-pollution policy and commitment to sustainable operations. They eliminate oil and grease pollution, reduce maintenance costs, and perform reliably in abrasive interoceanic environments. (pb)




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