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Tiaca wants to ensure flow of world trade

The International Air Cargo Association (Tiaca) had said that significant further testing must be conducted into the provision of advance data for air cargo and mail parcels security screening. Furthermore, common global standards and procedures must be developed to avoid potentially serious disruption to the flow of world trade.

In his address to the World Customs Organization's (WCO) annual technical experts group on air cargo security conference in Brussels (Belgium), Tiaca secretary general, Doug Brittin, cautioned customs regulators against taking unilateral action to require submission of certain customs information for all air cargo shipments, in advance of aircraft departure.

As the next step, Tiaca wants customs and security regulators to work with industry to ensure data elements, analysis and messaging procedures, screening and response protocols are all standardized. The association says the best way to achieve this is by customs regulators and industry working collaboratively through the WCO, while security regulators work to develop common "targeted" cargo screening and compliance standards.


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