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Tilburg terminal now back in service

The project took about a year to complete. DB Schenker’s land transport hub in Tilburg, Benelux, in the industrial area in Katsbogten, where renovation work began in 2021, has now been reopened. The modernised terminal area covers a site of almost 60,000 sqm, has 90 loading docks and can handle more than 20,000 shipments per week.


The facilities comply with global standards for thermal insulation, the use of renewable resources from the building's surroundings, the installation of modern natural lighting systems and the use of HVAC systems for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.


The partial automation of goods handling has also reduced the use of industrial trucks, improved waste disposal and set up charging stations for electric bicycles and electric vehicles. The terminal has now been recognised by Deutsche Bahn as the 50th DB Schenker eco warehouse. (sh)




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