• LNG is on the rise on the Baltic Sea.


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To Gotland with love - and LNG

As from summer 2020, passengers to Gotland will be able to use an even more eco-friendly service to reach the Swedish island in the Baltic Sea. A second LNG ferry between the mainland and Gotland's capital Visby will help to reduce emissions even further.


At a naming ceremony to be held in Visby at the beginning of April, the new ferry will receive its proper name - "M/S Gotland" and continue the island's historic sea-faring tradition. Like its sister vessel the "M/S Visborg", which has been in service since 2019, the new LNG ferry will have room for 1,650 passengers and 500 cars.


The gas-operated drive almost entirely eliminates sulphur and particle emissions and reduces CO2 emissions by 20%. The use of biogas (LBG) envisaged for the future will further improve the climate balance.


"Costing about EUR 300 million, our two LNG ferries represent the highest investment in our company's history. These efforts are necessary to achieve our goal, which is to reduce our CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030," says Adam Jacobsson, sales and marketing director at Destination Gotland. (mw)




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