• TORsten to be mass produced. Photo: Torwegge


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Torwegge lands automotive industry order

Torwegge Intralogistics has received its first contract to supply several TORsten automated guided vehicles (AGV). One of Germany’s car manufacturers has ordered the self-guiding transport vehicles from the intralogistics solutions developer. The AGVs will now into serial production in Bielefeld (Germany), following the closure of the first sales contract.


All of two years were needed from the initial idea to develop an AGV to the first sale. During that period, a hand-controlled platform truck with a tiller was developed into a high-tech, robot-controlled AGV, capable of cooperating with other units.


The car maker will use the AGVs to automate another part of the material flow in its production lines. When completing their tasks, the agile AGVs are able to autonomously search for the most efficient routes through a hall. (mw)




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