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Artikel Nummer: 22014

Transport associations call for end to block clearance

At the recent Brenner summit meeting, the German, Austrian and Italian ministers of transport decided that more commercial traffic has to be shifted to the railway in order to ease congestion on the Brenner motorway.


LBS and LBT, two Bavarian forwarding and transport logistics industry associations, underscored that this will not solve the problem on the road between Austria and Italy. The trade bodies criticized the fact that Tyrol (Austria) does not want to stop its block clearance system, which contravenes EU law and has caused kilometre-long truck queues in Bavaria (Germany).


The associations, supported by the IRU, therefore demand an immediate end to block clearance, but said they welcome the summit meeting’s decision to provide track access for an additional 100 freight trains per day on the northern route to Tyrol, as well as additional truck-on-train capacities.


The associations also pointed out that shifting goods to the railway requires the right market framework. (ben)




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