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Traversing the Horn of Africa again

After a 30-year disruption, air traffic control services over Somalia and the surrounding region were operationally restored on 26 January 2023.


Some of the region’s busiest airways - linking the African subcontinent south of Ethiopia with the Middle East and Indian subcontinent as well as Western Europe with the Indian subcontinent and Indian Ocean islands – fly through the Mogadishu Flight Information Region (FIR).


Iata's RVP for the Middle East and Africa, Kamil Al-Awadhi: "The reclassification of the Mogadishu FIR as 'Class A' airspace will significantly improve safety in the region and enhance efficiency. This is thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Somalia Airspace Special Coordination Team, comprising the Somali CAA, Iata, Icao, adjacent FIRs and airlines." (ah)




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