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Turkish Cargo adds two Asian maindeck destinations

Starting on 31 October 2019, Turkish Cargo will serve Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's cultural and financial capital, which has a promising import and export potential. The aim here is to carry spare parts, electronic and medical products to various countries around the world and especially Frankfurt and Amsterdam in Europe and Chicago, Atlanta, and Houston in the USA.


The carrier plans to perform these B777F flights on the ISL–KUL–SGN (Ho Chi Minh/Vietnam) route, thus creating a strong import-export line in the region. Ahmedabad (AMD), the biggest city of the Indian State of Gujarat, will be connected by Turkish Cargo with Manama/Bahrain (from 10 November) and Doha/Qatar (from 13 November). One of the fastest growing cities, Ahmedabad is a considerable pharmaceuticals market and also has a high import potential.


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