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Ukrainian air cargo carrier launches first service

Founded in July 1939, the ITJ knows that wartime is not necessarily unfavourable for starting a new business in the logistics sector.


Supernova Airlines, which is part of the Nova Group, was founded in 2021, and in January 2023 was the first among Ukrainian companies to receive an operator's certificate during a full-scale war. Despite the war, it continues to go through all the necessary procedures to carry out regular cargo flights to and from the EU, where the airline's planes are currently based.


This week, Supernova made its first flight on the Riga-Rzeszów-Riga route. The ATR 72 provided by the Latvian airline RAF-Avia delivered 7 t of international parcels of Nova Post customers from Latvia to Poland. Reloaded onto trucks, they were transported to Ukraine. Supernova plans to operate this route twice a week - on Thursdays and Tuesdays. (ah)




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