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ULCVs generate lower cost savings

The OECD’s international transport forum has issued a report stating that cost savings provided by ever larger containerships may not live up to carriers' expectations.


The document entitled "The impact of mega-ships" finds that cost savings from bigger containerships are decreasing, and that the transport costs ensuing from the use of larger ships could be substantial. The doubling of containership sizes in the past decade reduced total vessels costs per unit by roughly a third, now these cost savings are decreasing as ships increase in size. The report highlights the fact that approximately 60% of the cost savings of the most recent containerships are related to more efficient engines and not to scale.


On top of that, as supply chain risks related to mega-containerships are rising, public policies need to better take account of this and act accordingly, the ITF warns. The report concludes that a further increase in the maximum containership size would raise transport costs.