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US forwarder maximises intermodal transport

In the USA, KLLM Transport Services has added 610 domestic intermodal refrigerated containers equipped with Carrier Transicold’s thin-profile Vector 1550 refrigeration systems to optimise cargo capacity.


The new containers help KLLM transport food and pharmaceuticals coast-to-coast along rail networks through 12 major hubs supported by KLLM and third-party drayage operations.


Unlike domestic intermodal containers which are not spacious enough to accommodate traditional refrigeration units that are about 50% deeper, those containers using the thin-profile Vector 1550 units can carry as many pallets as a traditional 53-foot over-the-road trailer – 15 pallet rows vs. 14, or 7% more cargo capacity.


As a result, KLLM customers gain the efficiencies of rail transport without compromising the amount of cargo that can be transported. (ben)




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