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US seaports support diesel emissions reduction act

In a recent hearing before the US Senate's environment and public works committee which is currently examining the 2019 diesel emissions reduction act, Kurt Nagle, president and CEO of the American Association of Port Authorities, underlined his strong support for the reauthorisation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s diesel emissions reduction act (Dera) programme.


He said: "Over the last ten years, this funding has been key to incentivising and expanding port environmental programmes to improve air quality impacted by port operations. Dera has always enjoyed strong bipartisan support for its voluntary nature in partnering with local communities to reduce certain diesel emissions."


It is a high priority of the US ports to improve environmental conditions. Action is necessary. Handling USD 6 billion worth of goods per day, the US seaports support 25% of the country’s economy. The amount of freight moved in the USA is projected to grow by 15% up to 2045. (kd)




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