• Photo: Van der Vlist.

    AEO certification ceremony in Moerdijk.


Artikel Nummer: 1236

Van der Vlist terminal Moerdijk receives AEO accreditation

Van der Vlist’s terminal Moerdijk (Netherlands) recently became the second area of Van der Vlist’s operations to receive the authorised economic operator (AEO) accreditation. Having met the strict requirements for the accreditation, the certificate was handed over by Dutch customs officials to Van der Vlist managing director, Nico Van der Vlist, and the Moerdijk terminal's managing director Marcel van der Hoeden. AEO accreditation recognises the integrity, security and thorough practices of Van der Vlist terminal Moerdijk’s operations. The accreditation is internationally recognised mark of quality for businesses involved in the international supply chain. It means that customs procedures are quicker and more efficient as the Moerdijk terminal is officially recognised and trusted because of its high compliance and safety standards.


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