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Volumes down for 11th month in a row

The air traffic report for September & Q3 2019 released by the European airport trade body ACI Europe shows that freight traffic kept declining for the 11th consecutive month at -2.8% (-3% for Q3). The downturn is concentrated on the EU market (-4.4% in both September and Q3) with non-EU airports making significant gains (+4.8% in September and +4.0% in Q3).


Most monthly air cargo was handled at FRA (164,719 t, -6.0%), CDG (153,000 t, -4.4%), AMS (136,819 t, -6.0%) and LHR (125,693 t, -11.7%), followed by Istanbul (Turkey), where ISL, which continues to serve Turkish Cargo's full freighters (54,919), and the new IST (62,649 t) grew by 11.1%.


For director general Olivier Jankovec "there is no recovery in sight for a depressed freight traffic market. While these figures account for worsening macro-economic & trading conditions, they also reflect the fact that four European airlines went bust in September." (ah)



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