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VRR unveils first collapsible AAR container

The Dutch company VRR is launching the world’s first fully collapsible AAX at WCS 2022 next week. “Until now, it’s been a case of leaving containers behind or returning them unloaded. It’s not much of a choice. Well, now ULD fleet managers have a third option. They can fold them and stack them for storage or repositioning,” says Geert van Riemsdijk, managing director of VRR.


Storing and repositioning empty fixed containers so they are in the right place at the right time is both costly and challenging. However, VRR’s solution promises maximum ULD availability and considerable competitive advantage.


“The collapsible AAX can be used just like the standard AAX,” Van Riemsdijk explains. “It has the same perfect-fit shape and the same durability. The only difference is that it can be folded and stacked. Now you can fly three or four empty containers for the price of one.” (cj)


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