• Photo: Namibia Airports


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When a tiger swallows eight cheetahs

A B747, whose nose had been decorated with a gigantic face of a tiger during its time with the Russian Transaero Airlines, which went bankrupt in 2015, transported five female and three male cheetahs from Namibia to India at the end of last week.


The animals, which were declared extinct in India 72 years ago, are to be reintroduced into the country in the Kuno National Park in the state of Madhya Pradesh.


First, the big cats were brought to the capital's airport in Windhoek by the Namibian Cheetah Conservation Fund. After eleven hours on board the aircraft leased by Moldovan airline Terra Avia from Aquiline International of Shajrah, UAE, they arrived at Gwalior airport on 17 September and were released into semi-liberty on the same day, the birthday of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. (ah)


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